Friday, 4 March 2011

Evaluation Question One

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Evaluation 3

3. My Magazine would best be distributed as competition to IPC’s NME, as my magazine, alike NME, is fortnighlty, retails at the exact same price and covers mainly indie music, bring in sub-genres (for example Math Rock). I believe Bauer Media Group could benefit from my product, as the closest thing to an Indie magazine they publish is ‘Q’, which is released monthly at around £3.50. Although nationally popular, Q amd the other bauer media products are not in direct competition with NME.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Evaluation Question 4: Who will be the audience of your product?

Joseph Donnelly, he is  18 and plays guitar.
Joe is studying full time at sixth form college.  He is eighteen, and unemployed, but hopes to further his education into university.  In his spare time he enjoys listening to music and socialising with his friends.  He attends gigs and festivals as often as possible.  His favourite bands are Bloc Party and Noah and the Whale.

Jennifer Domelow, she is 18 and plays the drums.
Jennifer is studying in full time education and works in her local Ladbrokes.   She listens to The Sunshine Underground, Two Door Cinema Club and The Drums. She enjoys socialising with her friends and Media related studies e.g. film making.  She also hopes to attend university to do Digital Media.

Sean McMinn-Davies, he is eighteen, and plays bass in a band called 'Hippys on the Hill'.

Sean studies full time in his Sixth Form College, and has no tome for a job, as a result of his constant giggng and practising.  He attends festivals every year, and sometimes two big ones, e.g Reading and Download.  his favourite bands are Biffy Clyro and Foals.  He wants to further his education abd become a primary school teacher. 

Question 5

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Evaluation Question 6

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Printscreens of Double Page Spread Production

I used QuarkXPress Passport 7 to create my Double Page Spread article.

 Due to the shape of my picture i decided to make my article three pages long.  I used the 'Picture Box' tool to create a square-ish shape that bled onto the second page.  i then simply imorted the picture with CTRL + E and then sized it to fit in the box.
I made the headline by creating two text boxes and resizing them to meet the column lines.  The stand first was done the same way, with a horizontally drawn text box.  The 'Text Box' was used used in the article aswell, however, to a different extent.  i drew a text box that covered the whole two articles, and then imported the word file of my   

Monday, 7 February 2011

Second Photoshoot for Magazine Front Cover

After deciding that the image was not right on my first cover, it was clear that i needed another batch of images to try.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

GIF of Front Cover Progression

build animated gif
Build animated gif

Screengrabs from Front Cover!

This is the original photograph for my front cover.

I manipulated it with the 'Clone Stamp' Tool in Photoshop to eradicate a shadow that i deemed to stand out too much.

 I used the text tool and colours to create my title, heading and subheadings.  I used Poplar Standard, Impact and Arial Black.  I chose a bright red despite my audience research as, green was too underwhelmed by the colour of the balloons, to obtain the teal colour, i saved a JPEG of a piece of red text that was highlighted.  and simply used the 'Eye Dropper' tool to select the colour that was negative to red, teal.  i also, used a slight drop shadow on all my text.

 To get the balloon over the banner at the bottom, i copied the layer, erased the balloon shape, and used a soft brush to create a shadow.  the banner is a rectangle, and the bands names are 'Impact'

The finishing touches included the issue number, in the bottom left, the barcode, and the issue date and price.

Photographs for Front Cover

make avatar
Make avatar

Photographs for Contents Page

This is another photograph taken at the Hot Club De Paris gig.  It is Paul Rafferty the man i interviewed.  At first the image was too dark and bartely visibly when printed out.  So, using Photoshop, I adjusted the brightness, contrast and curves to increase clarity and visibility.

This photograph i

Photographs for Front Cover

These are the photographs from my photoshoot with 'In Colour'.