Sunday, 23 January 2011

GIF of Front Cover Progression

build animated gif
Build animated gif

Screengrabs from Front Cover!

This is the original photograph for my front cover.

I manipulated it with the 'Clone Stamp' Tool in Photoshop to eradicate a shadow that i deemed to stand out too much.

 I used the text tool and colours to create my title, heading and subheadings.  I used Poplar Standard, Impact and Arial Black.  I chose a bright red despite my audience research as, green was too underwhelmed by the colour of the balloons, to obtain the teal colour, i saved a JPEG of a piece of red text that was highlighted.  and simply used the 'Eye Dropper' tool to select the colour that was negative to red, teal.  i also, used a slight drop shadow on all my text.

 To get the balloon over the banner at the bottom, i copied the layer, erased the balloon shape, and used a soft brush to create a shadow.  the banner is a rectangle, and the bands names are 'Impact'

The finishing touches included the issue number, in the bottom left, the barcode, and the issue date and price.

Photographs for Front Cover

make avatar
Make avatar

Photographs for Contents Page

This is another photograph taken at the Hot Club De Paris gig.  It is Paul Rafferty the man i interviewed.  At first the image was too dark and bartely visibly when printed out.  So, using Photoshop, I adjusted the brightness, contrast and curves to increase clarity and visibility.

This photograph i

Photographs for Front Cover

These are the photographs from my photoshoot with 'In Colour'.