Sunday, 3 October 2010

Codes and Conventions of a Magazine Front Cover!

  • 1 word or letter title

  • title on top left page (full page width)

  • a colour scheme

  • main story is main picture

  • puffs

  • main image over title slightly

  • barcode

  • unique font

  • title is the largest text on the cover

  • one main image - med close up, direct address

  • main coverline - anchors the meaning of the main image, second largest on the page (few words as possible)

  • coverlines - two or three lines, information about contents

  • typography - consistent, connotationsof font reflect the target audience and subject

  • frame - coverlines fame the image

  • positioning statement - by the title

  • issue date and price

  • buzz word - exclusive
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