Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Evaluation of School Magazine!

  After the production of my magazine I realised that, although some of the criteria mentioned in the codes and conventions of this media is present, I had overlooked some of the vital points. I had included a medium close up of a student, as my brief stated, a barcode, the issue date and number, and an appropriate masthead that anchored the image. Furthermore, I stuck to a simple colour scheme, of white and blue, that related to the logo that I created, and everything on the pages where original and either taken or made by myself.
  On the other hand, my product lacked and sometimes deviated away from the codes and conventions of this media, my model for the front cover was not looking at the camera when the picture was taken. Also ,there are not many cover lines and the ones that I have made venture too close to the models face, distracting the focus to them and not the model. I noticed that the bar on the bottom of the front cover is yellow, like in my logo, however, it is not the exact same tone of yellow, making my wrong cover look less professional. 
  I used Adobe Photoshop CS3 to create my front cover, on this used basic tools like ‘Text Box’ and ‘Rectangle’ to set out my basic lay out.  After this I used ‘Stroke’ to give my cover lines an added effect and this allowed me to interpret a certain colour scheme on to my cover.
  My contents page was created using QuarkXpress Passport, I set a page to A4 and added three columns, this allowed me to be able to not worry about getting my pictures and text all in proportion.  After this I used a combination of the ‘Text’, ‘Rectangle’ and ‘Picture Box’ tools to create my product.
  My product looks slightly unprofessional, as some of the text is positioned poorly, stands out to much and does not fill the page, however I believe that the contents page is set out very well.

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