Friday, 15 October 2010

Codes and Conventions of a Magazine Double Page Spread!

  • Larger image covering full page- sometimes bleeds between pages, linking two pages together
  • Drop capitals- show the reader where to start
  • Standfirst introduces the article and i positioned under the headline.  Contains journalist's name and credits the photographer.
  • Other techniques; blod text, slightly biggegr textsize, capitals for the first few words.
  • Quotes are taken out of the article and enlarged somewhere in the article, this is to break up the page and make it seem like there is not that much text,  Also the quotes could be positioned under the headline or by the picture to anchor, or in the stand-first
  • Laid out in columns, always 2 to 4.  It is  only occasionally set out in columns of 2.
  • Simple colour scheme (colours kept to a minimum)
  • Headline of the article 
  • Name of the artist who the article is about.
  • If the article is an interview, the photograph will be taken in the studio
  • Sometimes the picture is across the whole DPS with all the text on the picture
  • Headlines sometimes use stylised fonts, dependant on the target audience. this is used to draw the reader in but not give away what the article is about
  • By line- who wrote the article/photographers credit
  • Strapline at the top- subject matter of the article
  • The article is usually written informally and allows the reader to get an insight into the writers personality.

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